What We Do

Education of the Disabled

KPV strives to support the handicapped by providing them with means of employment and sustenance. Supporting them with education and helping them make their future bright. We support schools and institutions that are geared towards the handicapped.

School for Slum Children

KPV supports the School for the Slum Children, Lahartara, Varanasi. The slum is a den of thousands of migrant workers engaged in mostly manual labor like rickshaw pulling, sweeping, scavenging, rag picking etc. The most affected by this poverty are children. The fate of these children is tragic: basic nutrition, health, basic education - all beyond their reach/imagination. KPV is collaborating with the School in saving these children from the dreadful misery.

Support of higher education

KPV has been regular in its support and sponsorship of deserving candidates from poor familiies who want to pursue higher education. We are presently supporting a few girls as they pursue their dream of becoming Nurses. We are also supporting boys who want to pursue higher education in vocational courses.

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